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At Green Spirit Hydroponics we’re committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality products for growing at home. Part of our job as a quality lighting supplier is to verify claims made by the manufacturers themselves so we were keen to conduct our own ballast testing. We did the testing to determine the input wattage of different ballasts to verify if they were actually 600W ballasts or not and show this in house testing to our customers so they could see for themselves the difference between a true 600W ballast and an under-performing 600W ballast.

We carried out our testing using a Variac to correct the input voltage to 240V and power meters to measure voltage and watts to each ballast we tested.  From our testing we discovered that a 600W Proxima ballast only consumed 593W, while a 600W Eurolux ballast consumed 669W.  Knowing that a 600W ballast needs to draw around 660W of power to correctly power a 600W lamp this testing illustrated to us and our customers that the 600W Proxima ballast does not draw nowhere near enough watts to correctly power a 600W lamp.

We now have the confidence to say to our customers that we have tested the ballasts we sell ourselves and they perform as they should. It also goes to show that quality does vary between manufacturers and we’re determined to pass this knowledge and insight onto our customers through the Genuine Quality scheme.

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